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Order from Chaos in August

05 Aug 2017

Course Updates

Calling all lovers of chaos, dynamical systems and all things nonlinear! Enrollment is open for two of Complexity Explorer's MOOCs: Introduction to Dynamical Systems and Chaos - perfect for getting your feet wet - and Nonlinear Dynamics: Mathematical and Computational Approaches - perfect for diving deeper.  Both courses launch September 4th.   Both courses address nonlinear change over time and provide students with tools to analyze system dynamics. Prof. Feldman’s course is a more general introduction, covering topics like chaos and the butterfly effect, emergence and bifurcations and strange attractors. Prof. Bradley’s course takes a higher level approach and tackles solving dynamic equations using computational methods. An individual who has taken Dynamical Systems and Chaos will do well in Nonlinear Dynamics. 

You can watch a little teaser video for each of these MOOCs on Youtube.  Get a taste for what they have to offer here:


New look for Complexity Explorer's logo

We've given our fractal Complexity Explorer tree a fresh new look while keeping the original feel.  Our new videos will also be featuring a prettier intro with a growing tree.  


Tshirt Sale - 20% off

We are trying to get rid of our stock of all of our t-shirts and totes - so we've dropped them in price by 20%! Now is a good time to pick one up if you haven't yet and you're a U.S. resident.  Next month we'll be announcing a new t-shirt design competition featuring - you! If you want to flex your design talents we invite you to think about what we should be printing on our t-shirts.  We'll get into more detail next month - but in case you are in a rush to get started, try to stick to two to three colors, only put designs on the front and/or the back of the t-shirt, and use our new logo in some way. 


This Month in Subtitles

A total of 151 minutes were subtitled in June, which is more than double the subtitle minutes of May! Our top subtitler this month, user name KristinaBH, is new to the leader boards with 121 minutes of solid gold work. This powerhouse individual's ability to subtitle brilliantly in English AND German is matched only by her ability to avoid emails from us.  Come on, Kristina, we want to send you a t-shirt! KristinaBH's mystique only adds to the excitement of her ascension into the hallowed hall of t shirt winners. Last month's subtitle superstar, Matias Agelvis, holds his own in this heated competition with 27 minutes of Spanish-laguage hard work and grit contributed to Maximum Entropy Methods.  Join the team.  Share your knowledge.  


Complexity Explorer Alum in the (Turkish) News

Çiğdem Yalçin, a top subtitle volunteer and student of Complexity Explorer and an alum of the 2017 Santa Fe Institute Complex Systems Summer School, recently appeared on a Turkish television program on HaberTurk to talk about complex systems.  The whole program was three hours long.  If you understand turkish, enjoy the whole show in these three videos:

In the first video,  two other guests talk about cosmological models, their area of expertise. 

Çiğdem comes in at the second video and continues in the third video, and she explains what complexity science, generalized statistical mechanics and of course SFI are.  She criticizes using linear thinking to model the universe. At one point the presenter of the program says that she's destroyed everything that came from linear thought that the other two presenters spent an hour discussing - well done Çiğdem!

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:


Green Chile Science Podcast

Last month we introduced the brand new Santa Fe Institute's Education Podcast, Green Chile Science.  If you haven't listened to the first episode yet, definitely check it out.  Paul Hooper recorded a second episode Thursday, August 3rd, featuring Caterina De Bacco. We'll release it just as soon as it's been edited - stay tuned! Read about the podcast and the first episode, featuring Dr. Eleanor Power and her work on religious signaling, here.


Fundraising for 2018 program costs

We have now raised $10,089 of our $30,000 goal for donations in 2017.  Thanks all!

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