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July brings new ventures and features

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15 Jul 2017

Course Updates

Agent-based Modeling with Bill Rand is currently in Unit 5 and the first peer reviewed assignment is due 16 Jul 2017 at 11:59pm PDT.  If you want to pay the tuition and join the session, do so before the end of the day on the 15th of July.  We are closing tuition payments after that so that students don't pay to join the session without a chance of catching up and completing the course. There are still some scholarships available and more will be released as the number of tuitions we receive increases. 


New Look for Certificates and LinkedIn Integration

 Many of our students have expressed a wish to more easily share their certificates, including posting them to LinkedIn.  Well, we've been listening and have made it happen.  The first thing you should know is that certificates now exist as both a pdf you can download, and also as a unique, public URL you can link to.  When you click on your certificates now you will be taken to that public page.  Just copy the URL and share it anywhere you like.  While we were working on this, we decided to redesign the look of our certificates.  What do you think? All past certificates are now displayed in this new style - so you can go back and download them or link to them if you prefer this style to the old one.  

If you want to post your certificates to LinkedIn, follow these instructions and you'll be set.  Navigate to your certificate.  If the course session is closed, go to your account by clicking your name at the top right of the Complexity Explorer page.  Go to My Enrollments and then click on the Show N Enrollments in Past Courses text in grey.   From there you can click on your past certificates.  Copy the URL of the certificate, and then click on the Add Certificate to LinkedIn button.  Fill in the form by putting in the name of the course, the Santa Fe Institute, leave licence blank, add the month and year you completed the course, and then add the public URL.  You're set! 


Fundraising for 2018 program costs

We have now raised $9,449 of our $30,000 goal for donations in 2017.  Thanks all!

Click here to support our program.


Coming soon - new look for our logo

We have been working away with an illustrator to re-imagine our Complexity Explorer tree logo.  Don't worry - we're keeping the tree! It's just going to look a little bit different.  We will also be slightly changing some of Complexity Explorer's look over the next few months.  As always, we welcome your feedback whenever we change anything on the site.  Drop us a line at


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