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Dynamic New Tutorial in June

15 Jun 2017

New Dynamic Games Tutorial

Dr. Justin Grana has finished putting together part II of Dr. Grana's tutorial series on Game Theory: Dynamic Games.  Read a bit more about why he thinks Dynamic Games are so exciting in our latest interview with him here. As Justin says,  the normal form game is just a way to get one’s feet wet with game theory.  Imperfect information and dynamic games allows you to move toward real world scenarios.  Add another tutorial to your portfolio of complexity learning today!


Course Updates

The new session of Agent-based Modeling with Bill Rand has begun.  There's still time to enroll and catch up! The course has been open just over a week and students are working their way through Unit 1, which is open to everyone free of tuition.  Unit 2 will open on Monday, June 19th. To continue through the rest of the course a tuition payment of $50 is requested.  There are still some scholarships available and more will be released as the number of tuitions we receive increases.  In Unit 1 of the course, you'll learn a bit about Agent-based Modeling in general and why it is such a useful tool to explore complex systems.  To get yourself situated in the course, we recommend you watch Bill Rand's latest Office Hours, which he hosts weekly on Youtube Live. 

Introduction to Complexity will close on June 30th - if you have been working through the course and have taken a little break, time to ramp up and get it done! The course materials will still be available once the course closes, but you won't be able to earn a certificate.


Subtitle Project News

Our volunteers never stop working, it seems! Lots of activity on our videos as well as new volunteers signing up every day.  We've welcomed 13 new volunteers in the last month, and some of them, like Matias Agelvis, have dived straight in.  Matias is tackling the Maximum Entropy tutorial in English and Spanish.  Marzio di Feo has seen his hard work pay off, subtitling 162 minutes in Italian for the Maximum Entropy tutorial and the Introduction to Complexity course.  We're sending him a Complex-City Map as a thank you! Mrmrjones has kept working on the Agent-based Modeling English captions - there is a lot of material to cover so join now if you want to make a difference for those students that rely on the captions and subtitles to learn:


Fundraising for 2018 program costs

We have now raised $8,370 of our $30,000 goal for donations in 2017.  Thanks all!

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