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Intro to Complexity, Game Theory, and more in March

17 Mar 2017

New session of Introduction to Complexity starting soon

It's the world's best Science MOOC, according to Class Central - Introduction to Complexity is here once more to thrill and capture new students wanting to dip their toes (and then dive headfirst) into the world of complex systems science.  Enrollment is now open and the course starts April 10th.  Most of you on our list have already taken this course, but you probably know of at least one person in your network that would enjoy it.  Help us out, get a person to enroll in the course! They won't regret it.

Game Theory - Static Games

Justin Grana, a postdoctoral fellow here at the Santa Fe Institute, has worked furiously with our team to bring you the first of two tutorials on Game Theory.  The tutorial is designed to provide a high-level introduction to static, non-cooperative game theory. The main goal is to introduce students to the idea of a Nash Equilibrium and how the Nash Equilibrium solution concept can be applied to a number of scenarios. You can read more about the tutorial and Justin in our new Q&A with him, and then sign up and take the tutorial!  

If you're wondering what has happened with our other tutorials in the pipeline, we'll give you a quick update.  Introduction to Renormalization is so close to being finished it's practically bursting through the gates.  Give us a couple more weeks and you'll be able to sink your teeth into it! Introduction to Computation will take another month after that - the instructor is tremendously busy but assures us they will finish up their work by May.  

Subtitle Progress

Most of the subtitle work this past month was on the Fractals and Scaling course videos.  Two of our volunteers went above and beyond in their work.  User Seonaid captioned 38 minutes of video, and Cigdem Yalcin once again worked hard to add captions to another 40 minutes of video.  Cigdem now has 114 minutes completed - just 6 minutes to go and we will be sending you your t-shirt! Help them work on the Fractals videos by joining our subtitle team today. On our subtitle page we are now also listing the top 10 most productive subtitle volunteers - see if you've made the list and how much more you need to subtitle to join the list.  Want to know what your current total is? Send us an email at  

The Complex-City Map

SFI's education group recently had fun working with a local Santa Fe illustrator (Billie Michael) to create a neat little poster (image at the top of this update) we call the Complex City. We're now adding them to our online store, so if you are a U.S. resident and want one of these maps to adorn your wall, $13.00 will get you one shipped to your door.  The map features places like Turtle Patch Park, Random Walk Trail, and Strange Attractor Avenue

You can download a smaller version of the map for free through the shop as well.   

Donation Progress and 2017 Goals

As part of our regular updates this year we will be letting you know our fundraising status and goals for 2017 as we progress through the year.  We are hoping to raise $30,000 in donations during 2017.  This is the amount we have calculated it costs to re-offer our free courses and tutorials in 2017. As of March 12 2017 we have raised $1,812 in donations, roughly 28% of what we would like to have raised by mid March ($6,250).  If you would like to help us reach our goal and help sustain Complexity Explorer in the future, please consider donating any amount you can today.  Thank you to the 33 inviduals who have donated in 2017 so far!

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