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January 2016 Update

31 Dec 2015

December Donation Challenge a Resounding Success

We are overwhelmed at the generosity of Complexity Explorer's supporters.  In December, fifty four of you decided to donate funds to help us continue achieving our goals.  Our goal was to match a $4000 anonymous donation with $4000 raised by you.  We are delighted to announce that we have surpassed this! As of December 30th, 2015, we have raised $4800, and we received our $4000 match bringing our grand total to $8800. Thank you! 

If you would like to join our fifty four stellar December supporters, there is still one more day left in our donation drive! With another $200 we will break $5000 raised for a total of $9000 with our match.  Follow this link to make your donation


Vector and Matrix Algebra and other Tutorial Updates

In case you missed the good news, Vector and Matrix Algebra with Anthony Rhodes, our latest tutorial, is now live and ready for you.  Introduction to Information Theory will be coming to you in January - Seth Lloyd's videos are ready and we are working on quizzes and homework. We are continuing to film Computation Theory, and we have plans soon after these tutorials to work on Optimization Methods as well as Renormalization Methods.  As the first of our 2016 full length courses will not be starting until the summer, we hope you take full advantage of the tutorials to prime your complexity math skills!


Fractals and Scaling 5th Most Popular MOOC of 2015

Congratulations goes out to David Feldman, the instructor of our newest MOOC, Fractals and Scaling, which was listed as the 5th most popular MOOC of 2015 according to Class Central.  Follow this link to read the story.   Thank you to the course participants for taking the time to review the course on Class Central.  Anyone wishing to review any of our courses on Class Central can find links here: 

Remember, even though our 2015 courses are no longer in session, you can access all of the video lectures and quizzes through the Courses page, in the section named Archived Courses.  

New in the Complexity Explorer Store

We know many of you have enjoyed our Complexity Explorer t-shirts, however not everyone likes t-shirts! We have created a limited number of Complexity Explorer tote bags in black, made with sturdy 100% cotton.  Tote bags are endlessly useful, carrying groceries, meeting notes and a laptop, dog treats, your future Nobel prize winning idea... really, how can you live without them? Do yourself (and Complexity Explorer!) a favor and pick one up today.  



Nonlinear Dynamics Videos Ready for Subtitling

Calling all students of Liz Bradley's Nonlinear Dynamics course! All of the course videos are available to be subtitled and they need your help.  If you have already joined our Amara team then you can find them on our page under the Nonlinear Dynamics project.  If you haven't subtitled for us before but would like to help out, follow the instructions on this page. We particularly need English captions and Spanish subtitles first of all, however we are happy to see subtitles in any language.  

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