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July 2015 Update

06 Jul 2015

New on our homepage:   Simon DeDeo talks about his MaxEnt tutorial:

Find out how MaxEnt can help you distinguish the truly complex from what is just complicated

Course Open:  Introduction to Complexity is live starting today!  Over 2,000 people have enrolled.  It's not too late to sign up; spread the word and get a friend, colleague or family member to join in.

New Tutorials: We are working hard to bring you more tutorials.  Currently in production: Random Walks by SFI faculty Sid Redner (prerequisite: Calculus, Fourier Transforms). Stay tuned!

Volunteers Needed: We need volunteers to help subtitle our videos!  English and Spanish subtitles are particularly needed, but any language would be very useful.  You can choose to subtitle as little as a 3-minute video, or subtitle two hours of video to win a free Complexity Explorer T-shirtshipped free anywhere in the world.    See for information on how to sign up. 

We also need volunteers to help collect web-based syllabi, glossary terms, and other resources related to complex systems.  See to find out ways to get involved in our efforts. 

Questions?  Email us at

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