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The Theory of Evolution

Book Description: All living plants and animals, including man, are the modified descendants of one or a few simple living things. A hundred years ago Darwin and Wallace in their theory of natural selection, or the survival of the fittest, explained how evolution could have happened, in terms of processes known to take place today. In this book John Maynard Smith describes how their theory has been confirmed, but at the same time transformed, by recent research, and in particular by the discovery of the laws of inheritance. Table of Contents List of figures Preface Preface to the second edition Preface to the third edition Foreword to the Canto edition by Richard Dawkins Introduction to the Canto edition 1. Adaptation 2. The theory of natural selection 3. Heredity 4. Weismann, Lamarck and the central dogma 5. Molecular evolution 6. The origin and early evolution of life 7. The structure of chromosomes and the control of gene action 8. Variation 9. Artificial selection: some experiments with fruitflies 10. Natural selection in wild populations 11. Protein polymorphism 12. Altruism, social behaviour and sex 13. What are species? 14. The origins of species 15. What keeps species distinct? 16. The genetics of species differences 17. The fossil evidence 18. Evolution and development 19. Evolution and history Further reading Index.

J. M. Smith
Adaptation, Evolution, Cooperation, Genetics, Ecology, Emergence, Biology