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Networks, Crowds, and Markets

"The first college-level text on network science, it should be a big hit for students in economics and business." Stan Wasserman, Rudy Professor of Statistics, Psychology, and Sociology, Indiana University "In this remarkable book, David Easley and Jon Kleinberg bring all the tools of computer science, economics, and sociology to bear on one of the great scientific challenges of our time: understanding the structure, function, and dynamics of networks in society. Clearly written and covering an impressive range of topics, "Networks, Crowds, and Markets" is the ideal starting point for any student aspiring to learn the fundamentals of the emerging field of network science." Duncan Watts, Principal Research Scientist, Yahoo! Research, and author of Six Degrees: The Science of A Connected Age

D. Easley & J. Kleinberg
Economics, Networks, Social Systems, Social Science, Dynamical Systems